For investors


The FEZ is designed as an economic area by the law of the Republic of Moldova to facilitate the economic development by attracting investment capital. For this purpose, special favorable terms similar to tax and customs facilities have been created. Due to these incentives, as well as to due to favorable geographic location of Moldova providing exceptional investment platform with opportunities to export to EU and CIS countries, many foreign manufacturing companies are interested in extending their production capacities in Moldova. It increases the demand for ready-to-use production halls for quick production start, but also demand for development of build-to-suit (BTS) projects.

FEZ “Vaklanes” is located on 107 hectares. Out of the total area of FEZ, circa 20 hectares are available for industrial production, manufacturing and services provision.


Tender fees 500 EUR
Registration fee 700 EUR
Fee for business activity permit 800 EUR

* fees to be paid at the beginning of activity


Land plot with all utilities can be leased with extension option. FEZ “Valkanes” offers a long-term land lease contracts limited to lifetime of FEZ.

Land lease fee
per 1 m2/year
FEZ land plot 0.5 EUR
Land (general regime) 0.75 EUR

Adjacent land purchase

Land plot under constructions within subzone can be purchased on state norm price.

Land purchase price 0.65 EUR/m2