Ciadâr-Lunga subzone

The Free Economic Zone “Valkanes” represents an attractive investment platform for your business offering many incentives and excellent geographic location which gives you the opportunities to export to EU and CIS countries on favorable terms. We are ready to cooperate in an atmosphere of trust and mutual benefit. We are here to provide you necessary support in your business development and I am confident that the administration of Free Economic Zone “Valkanes” will become your reliable partner in Moldova. The Free Economic Zone “Valkanes” is your place to grow!

Mihail Salvir

Chief Administrator of
Free Economic Zone “Valkanes”

Free Economic Zone “VALKANEȘ”, Ciadâr-Lunga subzone

Ceadâr-Lunga Municipality

Ceadir-Lunga Municipality is the second centre of economic, cultural and social development in the Gagauz Autonomy after its capital – Comrat Municipality. This is a modern municipality with extensive infrastructure and huge development potential. Ceadir-Lunga is one of the largest cities in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia and it is also a top-ten largest city of the Republic of Moldova by number of inhabitants. Ceadir-Lunga Municipality has a population of circa 23 thousand inhabitants. The overall population of the autonomy is 162 thousand inhabitants. Ceadir-Lunga is distinguished by its convenient geographical and economic position, since it is located at the intersection of the roads leading to Southeast Europe. The main economic activities of Ceadir-Lunga are manufacturing and agriculture. The agro-industrial sector is represented by areas such as farming, processing and storage of grain, flour, vegetable oil and snacks production. Manufacturing is represented by apparel, boilers and electric equipment production.

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About FEZ ”Valkaneș”, Ciadâr-Lunga subzone

The Free Economic Zone (FEZ) represents excellent platform for export-oriented manufacturing companies, which benefit of preferential customs and tax regime. FEZ “Valcanes” was established in 1998 for a period of 37 years. It administrates 4 subzones with a total area of circa 200 hectares, namely in Vulcanesti City (2 subzones – 107 hectares); Comrat Municipality (50.3 ha) and Ceadir-Lunga Municipality (42 ha).

Greenfield, Ciadâr-Lunga subzone

Ceadir-Lunga subzone is located in the northern part of Ceadir-Lunga Municipality in the proximity of 3 km from the city center. The greenfield land plot of 42 hectares is situated in immediate proximity to the existing industrial zone of the municipality. The subzone has connection to National roads R36 (Basarabeasca – Ceadîr-Lunga – Taraclia) and R37 (Ceadîr-Lunga – Comrat – Cantemir), and railway route connecting the municipality with Basarabeasca (railway customs crossing point with Ukraine) and Blank See port on Danube River.

General information

Location Ceadîr-Lunga
Population 20,000 inhabitants
Overall Population of Autonomy 162,000 inhabitants
Total Area of the City 17 sq. km
Organizational Form FEZ administration
Land Ownership Public
Land Destination Construction purposes
Total Land Area 50.3 hectares




• Immediate access to European route E583 – B class road connecting the cities Roman (ROU) and Zhytomyr (UKR), which is national magistral road M3 Chisinau – Cimislia – Vulcanesti – Giurgiulesti (MDA) – border checkpoint with Romania

• 100 km to Chisinau
• 80 km to the nearest border checkpoint with Ukraine
• 30 km to the nearest border checkpoint with Romania
• 30 km to Basarabeasca railway customs crossing point with Ukraine
• 100 km to Chisinau International Airport.
• GIurgiulesti International Free Port is located at circa 135 km distance from Comrat Municipality. It is the only Danube River and Black Sea port in Moldova with direct access to international waterways


Water supply: artesian
wells (50m3/hour);
pipeline in developent
Electric power:
transmission line;
substation in
Natural gas: Medium
pressure gas pipeline
0.155-0.25 MPa
(500 m3/hour)
in development.
Master plan